Bug Rider 250

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Parts for sale

 Video of Purge kit, click here to see it





Nitrous Oxide specific for BugRider 250cc. complete of all necessary.

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Kit N2O Available

ProtoXide High Performance muffler 100% Stainless Stell, complete of a new support and gasket.

Time of installation 3-5 minutes

There are two version available!

Our Muffler Dyno Tested

Click to hear the sound..

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Whell spacers for BugRider 250 (2pcs) of 20mm  95.00 Euro


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Our Buggy is assembled in 24/06/05. We are very happy to confirm you that after 2 week of test we have resolved all problems that afflicted this vehicle.

As you can see below, after our tuning changes we are arrived to run 1845 km with a medium speed of 70-75 km/h in total safety and enjoy !

Setting digital speedometer with 2000mm as whell circumference, in original the max speed is 80 KM/h while with our exhaust the max speed (without N2O) verifield has been of 85,2 KM/H limited from CDI unit.

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